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Welcome to John Clarke Images. This site was created to show case my best work.  I have endured long days with little sleep whilst on site capturing the great light of sunrise and sunset. I have braved terrible weather including climbing dangerous cliffs with a dodgy torch to get the location I felt was the best.  

Please Enjoy!

John loves shooting images of great landscapes. The sense of achievement when everything comes together.

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John constantly identifies new creative ideas that come to him.  I love to experiment and will concentrate with patience for hours to get an image that I like.

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John enjoys shooting people whether it is an event or wedding and enjoys performing portraiture work. 

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The Artist

John's first interest in photography came from his father who had a Pentax Spotmatic.  He doesn’t recall using his camera many times but it was a fun thing learning to capture moments in time.  The first and only formal training John received was at university in Australia.  He was doing a science degree with a math major and just hated one of his subjects so much he had to change after 6 weeks. 

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